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FirstCard Merchant Services is now offering Clover® Station, Clover® Mini and Clover® Mobile – the latest, most innovative collection of (POS) point of sale products  Clover

Clover® is intuitive, easy to use and equipped with software that will improve your business. It’s customizable to meet your needs so it will make an impact from day one and last for the long run.

With innovative hardware and intuitive software, our complete suite of integrated products enables businesses to work smarter and see inside operations with:

  • State-of-the-art equipment designed for every type of business
  • Customizable applications that evolve with your business for years to come
  • Our cloud-based system means you can manage this information from your Clover or from your own computer - no need to be in the store.
  • Smart tools and resources - track inventory, manage employees, run key reports and gain customer insight
  • Accept credit, debit, cash and other tenders
  • Automatic software updates
  • Cutting-edge security technology
  • Support for all payment types - EMV, NFC and Apple Pay

See what Clover® can do for you!